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Hey Friends!
Welcome back to my blog! Today I'm going to introduce you to two bloggers and TPTers that are killing it on Pinterest.

First, though, I have to admit to you that I found this to be a little tough.  I think it's actually hard to tell who is really a good Pinterest-er, because so much of it looks the same at first glance!

Let's take a look at Malia Hollowell from Playdough to Plato.  She was featured in the Pinterest Powerhouse chat hosted by my pretty friend, Kelli Alaina, last week.  You can catch the chat here

Malia has over 37,000 followers on Pinterest  Amazing! She must be doing something right. 
If you head over to Malia's Pinterest page, you'll notice a few things about her.  First of all, she has an excellent description of herself.  It tells the pinner what she is all about.  Be sure to include a description of yourself.  Mine says "2nd grade teacher, TPTer, and blogger pinning fabulous ideas to improve myself as a teacher, teacherpreneur and person." A great description gives visitors a quick peek of who you are and what you're pinning before they even scroll through your boards.  This can make a difference of whether they follow all of your boards, some of your boards, or none of your boards (hopefully not). 

The majority of her boards are related to education and parenting.  Her page show cases her brand.  Malia uses photos from her own blog posts as board covers.  The use of board covers seems to be a hot debate right now.  Photos or graphics, which is better?Some people like to use matching board covers so that the pages look neat and cohesive.  Others are using photos of the idea or product in use.  Malia's photos are interesting and showcase her great ideas.  She rotates the photos that she uses as board covers, but all of the photos come from her own blog posts.  This is a terrific way to lead traffic to your blog.

Malia does a great job with her pin descriptions.  Take a look a few of them.

I noticed right away that her descriptions are detailed, but they don't give away the entire idea.  It just gives enough information with to give someone an idea about what they'll see when they click on the pin.  This kind reminds me of the old saying about buying the cow when you can get the milk for free! In the Pinterest chat, Malia showed viewers how to use Google to find key words that are most searched.  By using key words in pin descriptions, you're increasing the chances of someone finding your pin.  When you repin something to one of your boards, be sure to edit the pin description to match your style.  Stay away from generic descriptions or those that just showcase your opinion. 
Those a just a few awesome things that Malia does and are really good practices for all you who are pinning to improve your brand and grow your business. 

Next, let's look at Mel Dillard from Seusstastic.  Mel has 74,000 followers!  Seriously.  In addition to the things that Malia is doing, Mel is also doing some really notable things on her Pinterest page. 

Mel has 224 boards on her Pinterest page.  Most of her boards are education related, but she has a few boards relating to her personal life, too.  One thing that I like about Mel's boards is that the board titles are specific.  Instead of just Math, she has Math- Addition.  I love this, because you don't have to go weeding through an entire page of math ideas just to find the addition ideas.  Pinners will be more likely to follow boards with specific titles than those with titles that are very generic and over-used.  Going along with that, you'll notice that some of her board titles are catchy.  This is a great way to showcase your personality.  You don't want to get too wacky though, stay on topic. 

Watermark your photos!  On many of Mel's board covers, she has watermarked the photo with her blog address.  This not only spreads her ideas, it spread her name.  Watermarking your photos is highly recommended to avoid your photos being used without your permission.

There are several ways to watermark your photos.  If you're using photos from your phone, you can easily use an app like PhotoMarkr (free) Marksta ($2) or iWatermark ($2).  On your computer, you can add a watermark or your blog/TPT store using PicMonkey or Canva

I'm going to stop there for today.  I hope that you've gained a few bits of knowledge from the two ladies above.  To recap, here's what they're doing well:
  • Strong page description- Tell who you are!
  • Cover photos from your own blog or store- Market yourself!
  • Watermarked photos- Claim your work!
  • Specific board titles- Don't send them off searching through generic boards!
  • Detailed pin descriptions- Best ever?  Maybe, maybe not. Give a little info!
Yesterday, Kelli Alaina Wise blogged about some tools for Pinterest to save you time and money.  It's definitely worth your while to check it out.  I learned a lot from her!

Thank you again for stopping by, I'm so glad that you did! 
Have a great day, and happy pinning!



  1. Lauren,
    I've looked at both of these ladies on Pinterest and never noticed the things you pointed out. I have some work to do!
    Brynn Allison
    The Literary Maven

    1. I hadn't noticed them either, until I looked closely. I think there's a lot to learn, but you have to dig a little deeper than casual Pinterest browsing.

  2. Fantastic post, Lauren! The images you featured are so helpful!

  3. Wow, great info. Some easy things to keep in mind, and some great tips on trying a few new things. Thank you!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad that you found it to be useful!

  4. Great tips! Thank you! Anyway we can be added to their collaborative boards? :)

    1. That's a good question. There are many collaborative boards out there, Jill. Only the moderator of the board can add you to it. I'd get in touch with them, or reach out in the TPT Social Media tribe. A few days ago there was a thread about joining collaborative boards.

  5. Wow! I am going to need to go back through my pins and reorganize. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Me, too, Patricia! I have a lot of work to do on Pinterest. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. I am so glad to have advice about Pinterest. I have so much work to do. Thank you so much.

    1. You're welcome, Anne! I know what you mean, though. I'm just starting with Pinterest as a business. I have a lot to do, too.


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