Rosa Parks- A Directed Drawing and a Freebie

Hey Teacher Friends!
Last week, I taught my 2nd graders all about Mrs. Rosa Parks.  They were so interested, yet appalled the idea of discrimination and segregation. It really is hard to for little guys to imagine living in that way.  There are quite a few really great books about Rosa Parks.  I used Rosa by Nikki Giovanni and Back of the Bus by Aaron Rogers as mentor texts.  I have used Rosa previously, but I LOVED Back of the Bus!  The story of Rosa Parks is told from the perspective of a child.  Excellent story!

At the end of the week, we did a quick and cute little directed drawing of Rosa Parks.  My kids love directed drawings, and so I do!  They feel so proud of their artwork, and I love the focus and attention that they put into their pieces.  Each drawing is unique and so darn adorable.

So here you go...The directions are super easy.  
1. Start with the shape of the chin.
2. Add the ears. 

3. Draw the shape of Rosa's hair.  She wore it centered parted and pulled back.

4. Add her little cap. 

5. Add the front of her hair.

6. Draw her eyes and nose.

7.  Add Rosa's glasses, mouth, and eyebrows.

8.  Add a little detail to her hair.

9. Draw her neck and a dress or blouse. 

10.  Outline Rosa with black or brown marker. 

11.  Color her in, and you're finished! 
Our Rosas turned out so darn cute, and the kids loved making them.  We added a background matting and a quote from Rosa Parks.  You can find my quote pack in my TPT store for free.  We also added a  trait, which was a great way to tie in characterization.
Take a look at a few of these little cuties!  My class received so many compliments on them.

I'd love to see how yours turn out.  Be sure to tag me @teachinginstripes on Instagram or Facebook, or shoot me an email.   
Happy Drawing!


  1. Ok now, I am so excited that I found this post!!! I can't wait to try it! Melissa from The Husky Loving Teacher

  2. Thank you, Melissa! I can't wait to see how cute they are! :)


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