Teacher Week: 5 Fun Facts

Hey Everybody!
I'm so glad that you're here!  I know it's been a little quiet lately...August has been kicking my butt. 

It's Teacher Week over at Blog Hoppin', and today I'm sharing 5 Fun Facts about myself.

1.  I LOVE dogs.  Seriously, love dogs.  Big dogs are my favorite, especially big fluffy ones, like golden doodles!  My family has a 5 year old golden doodle named Reggie, and she is the best.dog.ever.  (Minus the occasional underwear eating.)  I'm also a big fan of Golden Retrievers, St. Bernards, Great Pyrenees, and Great Danes.  My husband laughs at me and is occasionally embarrassed, because I must pet adorable dogs whenever we see them out.  Dogs know a dog lover, and they are always excited to see me. He thinks I'm ridiculous.  LOL! My dream is to work with service dogs once I retire, about 25 years from now.

2. My family is my everything.  I'm a mama to two little ones.  Julia just turned 3 last Friday, and Bennett is 18 months.  They keep me on my toes and super busy, but they are the greatest.  My daughter looks a lot like me, and my son looks just like my husband.  Everyone seems to get a kick out of it- a little mini-me for each of us.  My husband, Chris, and I have been married for 4 years.  We were friends in college and eventually started dating after we graduated.  I was secretly in love with him for many years.  :)

3.  I'm a football coach's widow wife.  My husband has coached high school football for the past 12 years, and he is an excellent coach.  It is very time consuming and can be challenging during the season, especially now that we have Bennett and Julia.  I support him completely as a coach, and although I complain about it, I do love it.  I love seeing him in that role, because he is just so darn good.  The kids love going to see Daddy at football.  There's just something about Friday night football, right?  Football is a huge part of our lives.  Chris and I actually met through football in college- He played, and I worked in the athletic department.  We are big Philadelphia Eagles fans.

4. I am a clothes horse.  I just cannot help myself when it comes to shopping.  It is my very favorite hobby- It is a hobby, right?  I love participating in style challenges on Instagram.  It has challenged me to step outside of my box and really learn to remix my closet.  My budget is small, so remixing is really important.  I love planning my outfits out each week.  I do it every Sunday evening.  I'm thinking of stepping outside of my comfort zone to start a linky for teacher style/outfits.  Would any of you be interested in that? 

5. I am a huge advocate of breastfeeding (I'll spare you the photo on that one).  I have been fortunate to be able to nurse both of my babies for a combined total of 27 months.  It was not always easy or the most convenient---pumping 3x a day in my classroom with the shades pulled= not fun.  I loved nursing both of my kids, and I look forward to being able to do it again with any future babes that we may be blessed with.  I realize that breastfeeding isn't for everyone, nor does it work for everyone, but I love it and encourage all new moms to just give it a try.  I had no idea that I would become so passionate about it.

So, that's a little bit about me.  I hope you learned something new and were able to make a connection.
Thanks to Blog Hoppin' for the fun, fun linky this week.  Click here to see all of the blogs participating in Teacher Week.  I can't wait to find some new favorites and connect with all of you!!!


  1. Your family is so cute : ) Hope I end up with one of each someday!! I still want to go on a shopping trip with you (once I drop this baby weight)!! PS I am not sure if I mentioned I love the blog makeover!

    1. Thanks, Molly! I think they're pretty cute, too.
      I would love to go shopping with you! I rarely get to go, because it's too hard to shop with my two little monkeys. ...and do not stress about losing baby weight- I'm still working on it almost 2 years later. Your body did and is doing an amazing thing. :)


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