Hey Kiddo, It's Your Birthday!

It's no secret that our kiddos live for birthdays.  One of my little guys knows exactly how many days it is until his birthday...and it's at the end of March.  Haha! 

I love to make birthdays special in my room without going way over the top and spending oodles of money.  I've done lots of different things over the years, and I always come back to the idea of a birthday card book.  We love birthday books! My cooperating teacher did these when I was student teaching, and I still love the idea eleven years later. 

Birthday card books are super simple, and my kids LOVE getting their books at the end of the day. 

I start by letting the kids choose a birthday card page to color for the birthday boy or girl.  I have a couple of different black line coloring pages, and you can grab a set here for free.  I always ask them to write a little birthday message on the card.  I model this at the beginning of the year with the first couple of cards. I always give my coloring pages out as morning work, but they'd also be great at a center during reading workshop. I also model coloring neatly and really taking pride in one's work.  The kids love to ask the birthday kid about their favorite colors.  They're so cute about it!

While the kids are coloring, I create a cover for the birthday book.  Again, I keep it simple by just folding a piece of 9x12 construction paper in half.  I decorate the front, and write a little message inside the front or back cover. 

After everyone is finished, hole punch the birthday cards and the cover.  Stick the cards inside the cover, and bind them with brass fasteners...and you're done!  

It's a cheap alternative that integrates writing and fine motor skills into classroom celebrations.  It makes the birthday kid feel special, because each card book is created specifically for them.  How do you celebrate birthdays?  I'd love to hear a few of your great ideas!


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  1. I love this idea! So special---I am sure they keep it for a long time!!


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