Flash Freebie Day Tomorrow & Tuesday

Consider this a public service announcement! The awesome Briana over at Sun, Sand & Second Grade is having 2, that's right 2, full days of flash freebies on Monday and Tuesday.  She's reached 1,000 Facebook followers and is ready to celebrate!  You do not want to miss this!  I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us.  She has over 50 sellers that have donated a freebie to her.  Amazing, I tell you!  You have to visit her Facebook page to catch the flash freebies.  She's giving away a new freebie every 30 minutes.  Flash freebie means get it before it's gone.
Cooking with Fairy Tales- Recipes for Students and Teachers
I am giving away my Cooking with Fairy Tales file at 8:00 pm.  It's normally priced at $3.85, but it's going to be free tomorrow evening.  I've included 12 recipes to coordinate with 12 different fairy tales.  Each recipe has a recipe card with step-by-step instructions for students to follow and illustrate.  Cooking with Fairy Tales is an excellent addition to any fairy tale unit or genre study.  My students absolutely love when we use food!  The recipes are fun, simple, and pretty nutritious.  Get it while you can.  

Thanks to Briana for including me in her celebration!  
Check out her blog, Sun, Sand and Second Grade or her TPT store!
Sun, Sand, and Second Grade

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