My Monthly Top Ten- Link Up!

I'm linking up with Hailey from The Third Grade Nest for my Monthly Top 10.   She chose tv shows for July, specifically those that we like to watch while working on blog or TPT business.

Here are mine...

I haven't religiously watched a series since The Office ended, but I tend to pick any one of the above if a rerun is showing.  I mean, when isn't Modern Family on????  Phil Dunphy is working hard!  

I am super excited for a new Project Runway to start in August.  I can never stay up late during the school year, so this is one that I binge watch on On Demand when I get free time and my husband isn't home.  I love Tim Gunn, but I will completely miss Michael's snarky commentary.   

If you haven't watch Impractical Jokers yet, please do.  It is stinking hilarious!  We get to laughing so hard at those guys.  The older episodes are definitely the funniest.  

I don't stay up to watch Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, so I DVR it.  I just love him.  He's so funny, and I love the bits that he does.  Hashtags are my favorite, although the lip-sync battles are a close second.  He has the ability to make anyone seem hilarious.  I love when he has Justin Timberlake or Will Ferrell on.  I cannot get enough of the Tight Pants skits.  

I recently watched the first two seasons of Girls on HBO.  It's a little graphic, but I really liked it.  Lena Dunham is terrific.  

Thanks to Hailey for starting the new link up!  I'm a brand new blogger trying to get my feet wet and meet other bloggers, so I appreciate being able to participate.  Check out her blog and link up your own top 10!
The Third Grade Nest


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  1. Lauren, thanks so much for linking up! I love Girls too, but don't have regular access to it ... can't wait to "see you" next month on the first!



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