Fun Back to School Gift Ideas for Your Colleagues Under $5

This post has Amazon affiliate links included in some of the items highlighted below.  

So, my countdown is on. I have 5 days left until have to report back to school, and like you, I've been in and out of my classroom getting it ready.  I didn't see many of my colleagues all summer, so I was pleased as punch to see those sweet faces when I went in last week.

I am one of those lucky ones who works with a group of truly fabulous teammates.  I love all five of them so much, and I like to show them that at the beginning of the year.  However, my summer shopping problem hobby has taken a toll on my available funds.  I bet you're in the same boat, right???  So I wanted to round up a few adorable gift ideas for you to gift to your teammates that will make them smile without making your debit card cry.

Grab a cute tumbler from the Dollar Tree or Target dollar spot, and fill it with Crystal light packets.  Super simple and inexpensive.  I used this idea a few years ago, and it was a hit!  Your tag could say "We're going to have a tea-lightful year together!"

I love these little coffee packets, or you could use K-Cups if your school has a Keurig machine.  Buy a box and split them up between your teammates, stick them in a cute bag or're done!  I'd probably throw a few chocolates in there, too, because coffee and chocolate #nobrainer!

What teacher doesn't love a new pack of pens or markers? I'd probably go with a pack of Mr. Sketch, myself.  (PSA- Mr. Sketch are $5 on Amazon.  Go get a pack.  They're the BEST for making anchor charts, but I'm sure you already know that.)

This year, my own teammates are each getting a pack of these cute smiley stickers and Post-It's from me.  Stickers form from Target, and I split up a box of Post-It notes.  Perfect and so easy!  You can grab the tags, which are editable and free, here in my TPT store.  

So you're not feeling creative and are lacking time?  I've got you.  Purchase $5 TPT gift cards for each of your teammates.  Super easy!  Click, buy, and print.  You're done!  Teaching in the Tongass has a really cute (and free!) printable gift card template that you might like.  

I hope you grab a cute idea or two.  Do you give gifts to your teammates?  Do you have any new and adorable ideas for me?


  1. Love all of these and thank you so much for the shout out! -Jen

    1. You're so welcome, Jen! I love your fabulous work! :)


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