If Teachers Earned Brag Tags...

You all know that Brag Tags are all the rage right now.  I use them in my classroom, and my students LOVE them! So I got to thinking, what if teachers earned Brag Tags, too???

Because I feel like a champ when my "to grade" bin is empty...which is rare.  

It's October, which means your bladder stamina has been building for the past month and a half.  Just think how strong you'll be by the end of the year! 

Be honest, how many times a day to you think WTF to yourself?  I mean really, everyone does it, even fabulous teachers like you and me.  

I always pack my lunch the night before school...and leave in the fridge at least once a week.  So annoying!  Do you do this, too?  

You all know those meetings that I'm talking about...the ones that make you feel inadequate and unappreciated.  I'm pretty good at staying mum, but I know it's hard for some of you. #amiright?

My club always welcomes new members.  Are you going to join me?  

You can grab all of these tags and a few more for free by following this link.  What would you add to the list?

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