The Santa Letter...for Parents

Do you all love Christmas and the magic of Christmas as much as I do?  I'm assuming that you do.  So, one thing that just gets under my skin, and probably yours, is when kids try to ruin the Christmas magic for other kids.  You know what I'm talking about...Santa isn't real! (gasp!)  Obviously not all families celebrate Christmas or even incorporate the tradition of Santa into their holiday celebration.  However, I just hate when someone tries to spoil someone else's joy and fun.  It's not always deliberate, but usually it is.   It's just plain mean, right?

To prevent this and the uncomfortable conversations that come with it, I've began sending home what I call my "Santa Letter" each year.  I ask the parents of those that do not believe in Santa or celebrate Christmas to please gently speak with their children about not letting out the big secret to those who do believe.  I simply print my letter out in cursive font, so 2nd graders can't read it, fold it in half, staple it, and send it home.

You can grab this letter for free by clicking here.

Every year I have several parents thank me for doing this.  It's a simple gesture but one that can prevent a lot of heartache and unwanted revelations.  I've yet to receive any complaints (crossing my fingers) or backlash from this request.  I'm sending mine home early this year, as I have one table of kiddos that just can't stop talking about Santa already (They Believe!).

What do you think?  Is this something that you'd use in your classroom, or do you think I'm taking it too far?  I'd really like to hear your thoughts.

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