Five Cute Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy at School

So, if you're reading this, you're probably pregnant, or maybe hoping to be pregnant, or know a teacher who's pregnant---one of those, right?  My husband and I are expecting our third baby at the end of May 2017, so I wanted to share our exciting news with my colleagues and students in a fun way.  Pinterest has load of ideas, but not many are practical for school.  I gathered a few cute ones for you to share your own exciting news when the time comes.

With each of my pregnancies, I shared the news with my staff using Munchkins donut holes from Dunkin Donuts.  It's super simple and feeds a lot of people.  Who doesn't love donut holes?! I printed simple pictures of my kids labeled Munchkin #1, Munchkin #2, and Munchkin #3 May 2017.  The display turned out really cute and took me about 25 minutes to make...and yes, I know my poster is crudely made and has an apostrophe in the wrong place, I was rushing that morning- shocking! 

If you're announcing close to Dr. Seuss week or Favorite Book Character Day or even Halloween, this would be an adorable announcement.  Tutu optional!

This is a cute idea, and you could use any type of food.  You could do pastel colored cupcakes, donuts, or even chocolate dipped candies.

Eve Bunting (fabulous author!) has a really cute book called, Our Teacher is Having a Baby.  It tells the story of a teacher announcing her pregnancy to the class, and they write the baby letters and brainstorm names for the baby.  It's great for the PreK-2 crowd but may be too juvenile for older kids.

I didn't want to lose a bunch of instructional time with my second graders when I announced my pregnancy to them, so I planned a task card hunt with QR codes.  The students scanned each card to reveal a letter.  Then, they had to unscramble the letters to reveal the secret message- Your Teacher is Having a Baby!  They were SO excited.  The activity fit right into my literacy block but also shared the fun news.  My second graders completed the activity with a partner, but older kids could complete it on their own.  I had the answer key right in front of me so I could see their reactions when they scanned to check their work.  Talk about adorable!  Second grade girls get very giddy when they find our their teacher is pregnant...second grade boys, not so much. LOL.  You can grab the QR Code Word Puzzle here.

Did you announce your pregnancies in a special way at work? I'd love to hear some other ideas if you have them.  Leave them in the comments below!

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