Fall Into Savings Sale!

It's fall y'all!  Fin-a-lly!  Bring on the boots, crisp weather, puffer vests, and pumpkin spice lattes (ehh, Diet Cokes)!
Along with a few of my friends, I'm throwing a 20% off sale Sept. 18-20 on all of my products.  You can check out all of our sales linked up with Mrs. Dailey's Classroom and Mrs. Plemons' Kindergarten. 

My second graders have been working their little tails off on addition and subtraction facts this month, and they are going to be so excited to play Boo Bump next week.  This is an excellent, low prep, fun game to practice both addition and subtraction facts up to 18.  I love having a set of Bump game boards on hand for early finishers and to add to math centers.


In social studies, we've been studying citizenship and will later study voting.  This set of comprehension passages teaches about the 3 branches of government- Legislative, Executive, and Judicial.  The passages cover the basic facts and roles of each branch in addition to the role of the President, Congress, Supreme Court and Supreme Court House, Cabinet, and Voting.  This is an excellent way to integrate literacy and social studies. Pick up a copy in my TPT store!

I hope you pick up a few good things during our sale.  Thanks to Mrs. Plemons and Mrs. Dailey for hosting the sale! 

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