Currently- July!

I'm excited to be doing my first Currently link-up with Farley!

Listening: The boom of fireworks is popping off everywhere around us tonight.  Thankfully my little ones are sleeping through it, and the pup isn't scared!  I'm hoping we'll be able to see some from our neighborhood tomorrow night.  It's our first summer in our home, so we'll have to wait and see! 

Loving: I don't know about you, but I feel like my weekends are consumed with errands and to-do's during the school year.  I love being able to do things at a calmer pace during the summer.  Costco is so much better on a Wednesday morning!  

Thinking: My hair is pretty long, and I think I may cut it.  My husband loves it long, but I just think that it's looking a little drab.  It's just so straight, and I hate the amount of time that it takes to blow dry it.  I'm not really good at doing hair, nor do I enjoy it.  The other thing is that I have another(!!!) crop of crazy post-partum hair growth coming in. What the heck!  My baby is almost 1.5, and I'm getting another weird mane in the back.  Ugh!  I'm back to pinning up pieces in the bag with barrettes anything I put my hair up, which let's be frank, is every single day during the summer.  

Wanting: We have a huge, blank wall in our living room that I want to turn into a gallery wall.  I finally gathered all of the frames from Ikea last weekend, so I'm hoping to get everything framed and hung by next weekend.  We went with the Ribba frames in gray, which I love because they're clean, light-weight and inexpensive.  We needed a lot of them to fill our space.  I'm thinking that I'll go with black and white photos and colorful graphic prints.  

Needing: My MacBook! I use my district issued MacBook for everything.  I love that thing!  We have a PC at home, but I hate it.  It's big, heavy, and just a dinosaur to use.  It always has to be plugged in, big pain in the rump.  I had to turn my Mac in for summer updates, and they're being super pokey about it.  Unfortunately, I'm unable to work on much of my TPT stuff on our other computer.  The files just don't convert well.  It's driving me nuts, because of all of the challenges going on.  I feel like I'm missing the boat, big time.  

All-Star: I love to mix patterns- in my clothes, my kids' clothes, my home, and on my TPT products.  I just love playing around with color and pattern to coordinate something interesting.  I know that not everyone appreciates pattern mixing, but I absolutely love it.  I'm not a super matchy-matchy person, so I'm loving that mixed patterns is on-trend for the time being.  I hope it never goes out of style.  

Thanks for reading!  Link up your own currently over at Farley's blog.  
Happy Independence Day!  

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  1. Hi! Ahhh, long hair- I want to cut mine, too! It's always up in a clip.

    Post pics of your gallery wall, I'd love to see it!
    Chrissy at ReadWriteSing


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